New Features included in 2.16

  • Support for GoCardless Schemes
    • PAD and ACH
  • Support for GoCardless features 
    • Success+,
    • Cancel mandate from Salesforce
    • View mandate from Salesforce
    • Withholding email notification from GoCardless platform for payments.
    • Access Payout Reference number, against a payment, generated by GC on payment record in SF
  • Language Support for French

  • Customization for English language

  • Added ability to define separate pay-page templates for each merchant group.

How to Upgrade to latest package 2.16 

  1. Upgrade to the latest version 2.16 from AppExchange (from 6 April 2021) or with the package link provided to you.
  2. After upgrade, 'if you are a GoCardless user' then ask your SF admin to make following changes in Asperato package
  1. Update the Authorisation object 

    1. Add Quick actions (In lightning) and buttons (In classic) - View Mandate and Cancel Mandate on page layout.

    2. Add  “Submitted for Cancellation” picklist value in Status field. 

  2. Update Payment object 

    1. Add "Retry in Progress" picklist value in the “Payment Stage” field.

    2. Add fields - Attempt Retry, Suppress PSP Notification on page layout

  3. Update Process Payment Screen (available from Authorisation object) to add

    1. Field - Suppress PSP Notification


Internal ReferenceTypeTitleCustomer facing notesDocumentation links
MD-279UsabilityCorrect use Payor and Payee

Corrected terminology to clarify the difference between a Payor and Payee. The update has been applied to the user documentation and product interface, i.e. payment record details.

Payor : a person who pays

Payee: : one to whom money is or is to be paid

MD-280BugClassic platform - on Asperato setup page "reconnect salesforce" option should be present“Reconnect Salesforce” option has been added to the Asperato Setup page for Salesforce Classic UI. Previously customers had to switch to Lightning in order to reconnect the connection/configuration.N/A
MD-429New FeatureGoCardless Success+ Feature Support

The package now supports GoCardless Success+ which is inactive by default. Certain steps must be taken to enable this feature.

Package Changes

  • New field on Payment object, retry attempt

  • New Status on Payment "Retry in Progress"

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MD-458New FeatureAbility to withhold GoCardless messaging on "subscription or instalment" transactions

Allow customers to limit the email notifications that are sent for subscription or instalment payments by optimising the use of GoCardless API.

Package Changes

  • Custom setting changes

  • new field on Payment object , Suppress PSP Notification

  • new field on process payment screen

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MD-487New FeatureGoCardless Support for PADPre-Authorized Debit (PAD) scheme support has been added and is now available via GoCardless.Open in a new tab
MD-498New FeatureGoCardless Support for ACHGoCardless ACH / eCheck support has been added by updating the API, statuses, fields, webhooks etc.Open in a new tab
MD-94New FeatureInternationalisation for FrenchThe package UI is now able to run in French on Salesforce Orgs where this language has been configured accordingly. The Translation Workbench compatibility allows the customer to adapt the translation as required.N/A
MD-105New FeatureCustomization for English languageThe Translation Workbench support has been added to allow the customer to adapt the translation for the package UI on Salesforce Orgs that are configured to run in English.N/A
MD-404New FeaturePackage Changes - Ability to cancel a GoCardless Mandate

The ability to cancel GoCardless mandates from within the package has been added. Previously this was only possible from the GoCardless dashboard.

Package Changes

  • Quick action button on Authorisation

  • Status on Authorisation "Submitted for Cancellation"

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MD-430New FeatureDifferent pay-page template configuration for each Merchant GroupMulti-merchant integrations now support different paypage templates for Merchant Groups. Customisation options include paypage logos, colours, styles etc.Open in a new tab
MD-437New FeaturePackage Changes - Ability to View GoCardless Mandate from Salesforce

GoCardless mandates are now available to view on authorisation records by using the “View Mandate” Quick Action button.

Package Changes

  • Quick action button on Authorisation

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MD-442New FeaturePackage Changes - Add a payout reference number on the payment recordPayment records now reflect the payout reference number that is generated by GoCardless when a payment has been completed.

Package Changes

  • field on payment object

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MD-147UsabilityInconsistent behavior of payment and authorisation record, after they get processed individually. Payee details get updated in Payment but not in authorisationA fix to address the issue where payment and authorisation records were not updated correctly after individual processing.N/A
MD-273BugSetup page issue on reconnecting salesforce connection with different usersFixed the issue where Merchant Groups / PSP connections were incorrectly displayed after Salesforce Org was reconnected to Asperato via a different user account.N/A
MD-275BugIn classic. Blank setup page appears on setup configuration with 2 different usersFixed the issue where Asperato Setup appeared as a blank page in Salesforce Classic after the configuration was initially completed by a different user.N/A
MD-306UsabilityImmediate data does not get update after processing authorisation and payment using process buttonFixed the issue where the data was not updated immediately on authorisation and payment records after “Process authorisation” and “Process payment” buttons were used. Previously the page had to be refreshed manually in order to see the details for each record.N/A
MD-317BugInconsistency behavior of refund in classic and lightning platformFixed the issue where the default amount was not correctly displayed for the refund page/pop up on a successful payment in Classic & Lightning.N/A
MD-318BugIn Lightning, payment value does not round off when record gets created through Payment using AuthorisationFixed the issue in Lightning UI where payment value does not round off correctly when a record gets created through the 'Payment Using Authorisation' button.N/A
MD-329BugSource does not appear when payment gets failed through batch processFixed the issue where Source field is not being populated when a payment that was created through payment schedule (batch process) has failed.N/A