Internal ReferenceTitleCustomer facing notesDocumentation links
Fix XSS merchant group issue without validation in Salesforce classic so all special char allow in group nameGeneral bugfixNA
Clarify help text on "next payment date" field (Payment schedule)Help text on "next payment date" fields updated to: "The due date of the first or next payment. The system will update this date automatically. On the final day, it may be updated to a date after the final payment date; this is expected and no future payments will be taken unless the schedule is reinstated."Open in a new tab
Add help link for merchant groupsFurther guidance and help was provided for using Merchant Groups, with a link added in the package.Open in a new tab
Rename "Add new connection" buttonOn the "Asperato Setup" tab, the button labelled "Add new connection" has been re-labelled "New PSP connection" to provide further clarity to its function.
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"Delete" links should align on Asperato setup pageThis is a visual enhancement only.NA
Allow a Payment using Authorisation against a 'Pending' Direct DebitIntroduced an option to process Direct Debit payments for Authorisation records with status ‘Pending’. This was previously only possible for ‘In force’ Authorisations and did not allow payment processing with newly created Direct Debits.NA
Show PSP status as they're received, not all at oncePSP connection status is now confirmed in the order that the responses from payment gateways are received. Connection status is displayed as a green tick or a red cross on Asperato Setup page.Open in a new tab
Need to remove e-Commerce URL from authorisation detail pageeCommerce URL is no longer displayed by default on the Authorisation detail page. This can be added to the detail page from the page layout on Authorisation object, as required.Open in a new tab
Remove development references from remote site settingsRemote site settings have been corrected to remove development references and make the values less confusing for customers.NA
New sandbox creation classA new, optional class has been added to prevent live configuration settings from being copied over to sandboxes. When ran, the class will delete any content in the ‘Asperato ONE protected settings' and modify the content of the ‘Asperato ONE settings’ so that the field ‘Is Running Live’ is unchecked and the ‘Server URL’ is set to ‘’ and the field ‘Customer ID’ is blanked out.NA
Payment Schedule - while creating a new record, by default the "Active" option should be selectedThe status value for all new Payment Schedules is now set to “Active“ by default when records are created in Classic and Lightning.NA
Add new Asperato logo in packageNew logo has been added to the Asperato ONE packageNA
Change server option should be available in custom settings"Edit Page" option has been moved from the Salesforce Setup dropdown menu (the setup cog) on Asperato Setup page to the custom settings.NA
Add help text fields across the packageHelp text fields have been added across the package objects Payment, Payment Schedule, Authorisation and Refund to make the interface more user-friendly.
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Enable the use of authentication with Asperato details for supported PSP typesAn option to use Asperato gateway details has been added for supported PSP test connections. Users can now choose between adding their own payment gateway details or using Asperato test account when setting up new connections from Asperato Setup page.
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Validation message does not appear for same connection in one group in classic platformWhen more than one PSP connection was added for the same payment mode from Classic UI, the relevant record did not show up and therefore the details were not consistent with the same in Lightning. A fix has been put in place to address this issue.
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While creating PSP connection, for mandatory fields validation message does not appearThis fix addresses the issue where it was previously possible to create a new PSP connection without filling in some required fields by not selecting them. For example, when creating a new connection for Stripe with currency, mode, PSP fields populated it was possible to complete the process without adding a value to Secret API Key field.
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In classic platform - correct tab does not get highlight while creating/selecting groupWhen selecting or creating merchant groups from Asperato Setup tab, the selected tab was incorrectly switching to 'Home' in the Salesforce UI. This was a visual defect affecting users in Classic mode only.NA
Scroll payment page modal to top when processingWhen processing transactions in Salesforce by filling in the details on paypage dialog and pressing the Pay Now button, users could not see the confirmation window with cogs indicating that the request is in progress. The issue has been fixed and it is no longer necessary to manually scroll up in order to see the processing screen.NA
Ensure payment & authorisation currencies match before sending a payment for batch processingPayments with a currency that does not match the linked authorisation are no longer sent for batch processing. The fix will prevent further issues down the line where the currency is not updated consistently after the payment is complete.NA
Remove unneeded elements from refund page layoutSome elements have been removed from the refund page layout to make the content more relevant by default. In Classic the "Clone" button is no longer present, whilst in Lightning "New Contact", "New Opportunity", "New Case", "New Lead" and "Clone" quick actions have been removed.NA
Add validation rule to ensure every payment & authorisation has a "Customer ID" field setA validation rule has been added to prevent users from attempting to process transactions without setting up Asperato configuration first. "There has been an error" was previously displayed when trying to process a payment/authorisation which was not very helpful.NA
When users try to refund the amount using "Standard Permission set", then the error message is not correctUsers with the Asperato standard permission set are no longer presented with an incorrect error message "Class LRefundControllerExtension, object Refund__c" when attempting to process refunds.
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Ensure payment & authorisation currencies match for an initial payment before loading the payment page.It is no longer possible to process the initial payment if the payment and linked authorisation records have different currencies. This was fixed to prevent inconsistencies in both records after the payment is complete.NA
While creating PSP connection for Direct Debit, description does not appear for GoCardlessThe description is now visible on Asperato Setup page for GoCardless after the details have been populated and a new PSP connection has been set up.NA
Difference in classic and lightning platform layout“Sharing” button has been added to the payment and authorisation page layout in Lightning to make the available options match the Classic UI.NA
Inconsistency in error messages related to refundA fix that addresses the issue with inconsistent error messages that are displayed to the user when attempting to process refunds.
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Apex batch job failureA fix that addresses the issue with batch job running user which generates "[INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS_ON_CROSS_REFERENCE_ENTITY] Access to entity 'AggregateResult' denied: Entity is not api accessible". The error is generated when an invalid user is set to run the batches as part of the Postinstall script in the Asperato ONE package.NA
Decimal places on refund currency fieldThe refund field no longer allows three decimal places for currencies that only support two, i.e. GBP. This issue was affecting records created in Lightning.
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Unable to refund complete total amount when using partial refundA fix that addresses the partial refunds issue with decimal digits where the total amount does not exceed the original payment amount.NA
Process authorisation and payment payment issue - due to merchant group nameSpecial characters can now be used in the merchant group name without encountering the "No payment route is set up for this currency" error when attempting to process payments or authorisations.NA
Asperato Setup screen doesn't work in Classic modeA fix that addresses the issue with Asperato Setup page not being displayed correctly in Classic.NA
Correct mode name does not appear while deleting the PSP connectionAn incorrect payment mode was displayed on the confirmation dialog when attempting to delete a PSP connection. The issue affected Classic users only and has been fixed to no longer show the last payment mode for a particular currency.NA
On loading the Asperato Setup page - for PSP section correct UI does not appear for some timeUI related fix that corrects the PSP connection section where an option to set up groups was displayed before the initial configuration was completed.NA
Classic platform - after login correct tab does not get highlightHome tab is no longer shown as selected after the initial configuration has been set up from Asperato Setup tab. This was a similar issue to [MD-36].NA
The batch will fail if it tries to process more than 50,000 payments in one goThe batch job processing is no longer failing when the total number of records exceeds 50,000 in a single attempt.NA
Upgrade from lower version to 2.15 or direct install 2.15 - setup page for with full admin permission does not appear with proper contentThe issue has been fixed where Asperato Setup page was not displayed correctly in Winter '21 after full admin permission set is granted and a user attempts to upgrade from an older package version, i.e. 2.11 or 2.14.NA
Upgrade from lower version to 2.15 or directly install 2.15- refund pop up with standard user permission set does not work properlyA fix for the payment refund dialog that is not displayed correctly after the package upgrade to 2.15 in Salesforce org with Winter '21.NA
Under authorisation, for payment schedule and payment records should appear in descending orderThe order of the payments that are linked to an authorisation has been fixed to show the most recent at the top.NA
[MD-231]Inconsistency of redirection in lightning & classic, when payment is done through using Payment Using AuthorisationA UI fix that makes the page redirection more consistent when using the ‘Payment Using Authorisation’ option on an authorisation record. At the end of the process a user now remains on the authorisation record page, instead of being redirected to the payment record. The process is now identical in Classic and Lightning.NA