Pre install considerations

Trial period

By default, on first install from the Appexchange you will be granted a 90 day trial. You will be able to process test payments during this period. After the trial period you will be required to sign up to a yearly subscription. Please contact us for a detailed quote / contract.

Upgrade an existing package

Asperato is a managed package, and can thus be upgraded the same way you would install any other package. Simply paste the link into the browser while logged into the Salesforce org, and follow the upgrade instructions.

Supported Salesforce versions, Lightning vs Classic

The Asperato package can be used in both Lightning and Classic mode, the functionality is identical. The tabs are the same, and the buttons that appear as lightning quick actions in lightning experience will appear as standard Salesforce buttons in Salesforce Classic.

When it comes to initial ‘Setup’ of the application, you will need to keep in mind that package versions prior to 2.11 do not support configuration process in Classic mode. Regardless of whether the setup is carried out in Lightning or Classic, the functionality of the Asperato application is consistent across both interfaces.

Users may switch between either interface without affecting functionality.


If you're using Asperato in Lightning experience, we provide paths on our objects to give you a visual display of the payment or authorisation status. If you wish to use these paths, you'll need to follow the instructions here to enable paths.

Installing & setting up Asperato

  1. Install the package from the AppExchange here. Installation usually only takes few minutes and you will receive email confirmation from Salesforce once the process has been completed.

  2. If your Salesforce org is in Lightning mode, you will need to ensure that My Domain has been setup and deployed. Without My Domain enabled our application will not be able to use Lightning components and therefore result in blank page at the next step.

  3. Navigate to the "Asperato Setup" page on the Asperato ONE app.

  4. Click the "Setup configuration" button to complete the set up with few simple steps

Example illustration for Lightning UI

Example illustration for Classic UI

You should now be connected to an Asperato test account, setup with a number of test payment service provider connections so you can start taking test payments right away!

Connecting Salesforce to your chosen Payment Service Providers

On the Asperato Setup page you will see a list of pre-connected payment service providers. These allow you to take immediate test payments. If you wish to connect your own payment service provider, please see the instructions here.

User permissions

You probably will not want all your Salesforce users to have permission to take payments. Asperato ONE ships with 3 permission sets that you can apply to relevant users in your org:

  • Asperato standard user - A user with this permission can setup payments, authorisations and payment schedules.

  • Asperato refund user - In addition to the above, this permission allows a user to issue refunds.

  • Asperato full admin - In addition to the above, this permission set provides access to all setup and administration features in the package.

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