Asperato ONE allows Salesforce to control the collection of payments. It enables you to collect payments from many different providers such as Worldpay, GoCardless, Braintree, Stripe, Authorize.NET and more. It allows you to fully automate all your payment collection activities from the single control and view of Salesforce.

You can also securely save payment methods from your customers. We call them Authorisations. Authorisations can take the form of a tokenised credit/debit card, a direct debit mandate, or an eCheck authorisation. These Authorisations can be used to collect future one-off and repeat payments as required.

The solution is used by a variety of business models including: franchises (multi deposit accounts connected to a Single Salesforce Org), real estate (rental and deposit collection into escrow bank accounts), insurance (premium collections), non-profits (donations), membership organisations (membership dues), services and manufacturing (invoice dues), council and local government (service leveys and online payments) and many more.


With Asperato ONE you do not need to build your own checkout pages. Asperato ONE comes with Paypages pre-built and ready for Salesforce. They allow you to securely capture all the sensitive data (card numbers, bank account details etc) required to collect money from your customers.

Asperato ONE paypages are dynamic, meaning they respond to the data you populate in Salesforce. For example, if you want give someone the option to pay you by card or Paypal, just tell Salesforce and the paypages will adjust in realtime.

Asperato ONE paypages are extremely functional and offer the following: bank account Validation (sort code, account number and IBAN), address validation, bank identification number (BIN) checking for cards, expiry date validation, card identification, Direct Debit scheme rule compliance and more. We run our pages through a vast array of browsers to ensure successful rendering and transactions time after time. Your customer will never know we built them and your branded journey remains fully intact.

Paypages handle multi-currency and multi language. They can be pre-populated and offer full control of success and fail pages, meaning your customer has an excellent tailored experience every single time they transact.

For a more detailed explanation of the payment page, seeĀ here.


Asperato ONE provides all its functionality using just four objects. To see detailed information about each object, please click on its name.

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