Minor stylistic changes, such as the fonts, colours and logo used can be made by Asperato. The full list of these changes includes: 

  • Changing page font

  • Changing button colours (text and background in both normal and hover mode, and border)

  • Changing link colour

  • Changing the logo (ideal size is 400px wide and 80px high, though the height is the key factor. Any bigger and you risk truncation)

  • Changing the page title

  • Hide / show "pay as company" link

  • Hide / show postcode lookup

  • Hide / show billing address

  • Switch between IBAN and local details for Direct Debits

  • Change the 'processing' gif from the default gears

If you would like any customised changes in this regard, contact support@asperato.com with details of the changes required since we will have to apply these customisations for you.