The standard payment template is provided by Asperato and will look similar to the following: 

Out of the box, the template is highly dynamic and responds to a number of different parameters: 

  • Amount

  • Frequency (including one off payments)

  • Payment types (including combinations of payment types, such as Card & Direct Debit, Paypal & Direct Debit, Card, Paypal & eCheck, etc.)

  • Address data (can be pre-populated)

  • URL to navigate to on completion of the payment

The template also has the following dynamic elements built in: 

  • Notification if the Salesforce webservice cannot be contacted

  • UK postcode checker & lookup

  • Display of card type based on card number

  • Validation of card number using Luhn algorithm

  • Display of issue number & start date fields only if the card requires it

  • Validation of security code as 3 or 4 digits depending on the card type

  • Ability to switch between Card, Direct debit, eCheck or Paypal on the fly

  • Ability to enter IBAN or distinct local bank details for all BACS / SEPA European Direct Debit countries

  • Automatic hiding / showing and labelling of local bank detail fields based on selected country

  • Compliant to BACS and SEPA scheme rules, correct compliance labelling is determined by scheme rules in the selected country

  • Choice of payment type to show by default

The template is fully responsive, works on all the latest versions of major browsers, and is routinely updated by Asperato to work with new card ranges and payment types.