Authorisations can either be processed internally to the org (for example, if an agent in a call centre was taking details over the phone to set up an authorisation) or externally (if a link to setup the authorisation is required outside of Salesforce.)

The Asperato package can cover both of these use cases.

To process an authorisation internally, hit the “Process authorisation” button. This will appear as a standard button in classic, and a quick action in lightning:

An overlay will appear showing the payment form. When this form is submitted, details of the authorisation will then show on the Salesforce object:

To supply a link for processing externally, look for the “Ecommerce URL” field on the authorisation object:

This will contain a URL pointing to a webpage for the user to enter their details to set up the authorisation, and can be distributed by any means necessary (email, IM, etc.) When the user has completed the form, the authorisation object will be populated in Salesforce the same way as before.