We're assuming you're connected to Stripe as a test gateway, which is the default on installing the Asperato package. If you've connected to another gateway instead, please refer to their documentation for relevant test card details.

Try out the Stripe connection by processing a simple, one-off card payment:

  • Navigate to the "Payments" tab

  • Create a new Payment record:
    • For "Amount", select 10
    • For "Payment route", select Card

  • When the payment record has been created, click the "Process Payment" button.

  • Fill in the form that appears using the following details (the example below uses a Stripe test card, if you are connected to any other gateway you will need to refer to their documentation for relevant test card details):
    • First Name: any name of your choice
    • Last name: any name of your choice
    • Email: your email address
    • Postcode: any valid UK postcode, click 'Lookup address' button to select address from list
    • Card number: 4242424242424242
    • Card name: any name of your choice
    • Expiry date: any valid expiration date in the future
    • CVV: any random 3 digit string

Refresh the Salesforce payment record to see the payment record completed. For a successful payment, the payment record "Payment Stage" should read "Collected from customer"

Congratulations - you've taken your first test payment!

*** Note that you should never use real card details in a test payment form. Doing so is insecure, and means you could be breaking PCI compliance regulations ***