The default language for the Asperato ONE paypage journey is UK English. 

It is possible to run the paypage in local language by providing an extra parameter to the URL that invokes the paypage.

The extra parameter is called locale and should be appended to the basic eCommerce URL that is created for either a payment or an authorisation.

The languages currently supported, together with the value needed for the locale parameter are shown in this table.

LanguageLocale value
English (UK)&locale=gb
English (US)&locale=en-us
Spanish (Castilian)&locale=es

For example, to display the paypage journey in French then you would append this to the eCommerce URL value:


There are two likely implementation techniques:

1. Front end (Website) controlled by attaching the &locale parameter to the Asperato generated URLs

2. To use a custom formula(s) to add the &locale parameter to the Asperato generated URLs prior to submitting to the customer.

Known Limitations:

There are several limitations that we know about that we are striving to resolve.  These are listed below:

  • If an attempt to make a payment fails then the reason for that failure will display in English.
  • The ordering of the list of countries for the billing address is only alphabetic for the English versions.
  • Standard links and buttons to paypages in our package will all only show in English. 

Asperato accepts no responsibility over the actual translations and our customers are strongly encouraged to do their own quality checks for errors.